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     Every decision we make, every event in our lives sends us down a different path.  As a jeweler and designer, each piece I create represents movement from one place to another.  My work maps the paths I create in my mind from one thought to the next, exploring how ideas and emotions flow, overlap, intersect, and converge.

     Through the use of traditional techniques, such as lost wax casting and forging, I explore how metal can be manipulated to create gestural curvilinear lines; changes in thickness, material, color, and finish are used to emphasize the drama of change.  Pattern and repetition are incorporated to describe natural rhythms, creating a sense of calm and familiarity. 

     Personally, jewelry is an engaging format to work in because it allows a conversation to occur between the artist and the wearer.  Working with metal is a meditative process for me, and the effects of that meditation are articulated in the forms of my jewelry.  Through my work, I explore abstract organic forms that embody the ethereal qualities of nature to evoke a sense of awe for the wearer. 

Artist Statement

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