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"Philadelphia Magazine published its first 'Best Of' issue in 1974. For the last 40 years, its mission has remained the same-- creating a way to help Philadelphians navigate their region. After 40 years, Besy of Phily is still going strong and doing its job to educate Philadelphians on a number of 'bests', including restaurants, bars, shopping, style, games, and services.

"The festivities kick off Wednesday July 17 with a private, invite-only media event at 3rd Ward Philadelphia." -Philadelphia Magazine

Philadelphia Magazine "Best of Philly" Kick off Party at 3rd Ward Philadelphia

"The adult night-school world in the Philly region has been turned on its head by the brand-new outpost of the Brooklyn based education company, which the New York Times has deemed a DIY utopia.  Whether you want to learn how to develop a documentary, fabricate metal structures, cast jewelry molds, build an urban garden, create comic strips or design Web pages that like they're from 2015 instead of 2005, you can do it here, at the wide-open learning space. Say goodbye to basket-weaving forever."

-Philadelphia Magazine, Best of Philly Archives: Best Adult Classes, 2013

Cuttlefish cast 3W lapel pin, event demo souvenir

"Pewter is a great material for beginning jewelers to work with because the process of casting pewter is lo-tech and can easily be done at home.  Pewter is a low temperature melting alloy commonly composed of 85-99% tin.  Britannia Pewter, the alloy used by most jeweler's today is composed of 93% tin, 5% anitmony, and 2% copper. Other alloys can include additional metals such as bismuth, aluminum, and occasionally silver.  The melting points for pewter alloys range from 450-650 degrees Farenheit. 3rd Ward offers a class in pewter casting in which students learn about cuttlefish casting, sand casting, and casting into silicone rubber molds.  3rd Ward Philly currently has two secions of this class available: July 16, 23, 30 or Aug 14, 21, 28. For more information please visit: or check out some of the other great jewelry classes 3rd Philly has to offer at "

-Event Demonstration Info Blurb written for 3rd Ward Philly, July 2013, Andie Winemiller

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